I´m getting very positive feedback both from the dealers in the program and my colleagues involved.

I think we were a bit surprised how engaged the whole management team was on Tuesdays meeting!

Maybe the program has become too popular, as we now have 9 more dealers to take on the next couple of weeks. But that’s a nice problem to solve.

Thanks for your proposal and I am looking forward to discuss this further when we meet next week.

Concerning Bernard and his work it has so far been with very positive results and feedbacks. I think it is the first time we sort of have all on-board, dealer principals, staff, our field force/AM, sales-, aftersales managers and MD for Sweden.

We were all pleased with the results that Bernard was able to obtain in such a short period of time. It certainly helped that Bernard could be an agent of a management that wanted to make some big changes. But Bernard achieved those results due to the hard work and good approaches Bernard applied.

Overall the feedback is that this is the most successful coaching program that they have ever done. That all of the first lines in the market (the MD, the Aftersales, Sales and Network Development bosses) were all in the meeting, indicates that they project is a big success.

Thanks so much for all your efforts so far and the great performance we have achieved at the dealers you have been coaching! Looking forward to seeing the same impact and enthusiasm at our next dealer groups!

Thank you for your work at the Houston dealer last week. It sounds like a great last day.

We were very impressed with you and I have no doubt that he got a lot out of the program.

Your commitment is commendable and I am sure we will be seeing you in the near future at another Bentley dealership.